• Joe Atkins

      Rhythm Guitar, Doubles On Sax
      Ring Leader and saboteur. He has has a million and one chances to be a jerk and hasn't been.

      You can never over dress for this event.

    • Scott Newman

      Sax, Vocals, Director, Bass, Klavas
      A Dashing young man with great promise. Has had the fortune of playing with many fine professional musicians including his favorite boy band the Pine Leaf Boys.
      It is all about the flight time

    • Dan Pugh

      Trumpet - Suzi
      Always on time....to practice. We brought this young man on by way of the drummer. The only member to step up to the Sousaphone.
      Someting catchy Dan has said

    • Jeremy

      Drums, Piano, and Other Sounds
      A man who is there every 16th of a note. Thank God this mans know such music because he gets a lot thrown at him and never flinches.
      Why do I look like Mitch McConnell in every photo of me playing the drums?

    • Brian Mondel

      We would be lost with out him.

      Put a good Brian quote here.

    • Sue Mondeal

      Vocals and various percussion
      Without Sue we would be homeless. Every group needs the "we got this" person, and Sue brings it every time.
      Get em' girls".

    • Walter Vanik

      Guitar, Vocals, Snare, and sometimes Bass
      Walter really got going on the guitar when meed the devil at the cross roads. Smashes the snare, plays a mean bass, and shreds the mandolin. A real steady Eddy of a player.
      That oyster lady is a real mother shucker

    • Trent Evens

      Trumpet, Vocals, Arangement, and Sometimes Piano
      Extremely gifted young man with a clear head on his shoulders. Whimsical on the piano and a real trooper to tolerate this bunch.
      Get dropped of in New Orleans!

    • Maureen Farrington

      Clarinet, Sax, Klavas, Guitar, and Vocals
      Key master and keeper of the time. Tons of talent squeezed into this little power house.
      Q: Whats a Wild Anacostia?
      A: 5 bucks the same as it is in town.

    • Sam Atkins

      Drums, Trupet, Other Percussion, and we have seen him on Bass
      Sam has been a gift to the band. He is very talented and awfully willing.
      I asked for the orange drink and they gave me this. I think it may have alcohol in it.

    • Kim Eddinger

      Fiddle and Vocals
      Kim brings the cajun french traditions to the band with killer fiddle licks and not too sweet vocals.
      That ain't cajun!

    • Rob Baker

      Bass and Guitar
      We couldn't be more grateful for our bass player. He always goes whole hog for us.
      Something catchy for Rob.

    • Author Guriwitz

      Piano and Vocals
      A local piano professor that we absolutely cherish. Why he stoops down to play with us we will never know.
      Q: Whats time the gig?

    • Dwayne Grimes

      Accordion, thank God he isn't playing the Drums
      The bands first and worst drummer. Now moved over the to the cajun accordion to play some good old dance tunes we all know and love.
      Thank you for flying Wild Anacostia Air Express where we hope you enjoyed giving us the business as much as we enjoyed taking you for a ride.