Some events are being canceled due to Covid-19. We will update our list of events.

Upcoming Shows

Sunday, 30 August 2020
04:00PM - 07:00PM
Takoma Park VFW Post 350
Sunday, 04 October 2020
01:00PM - 06:30PM
Takoma Park Folk Festival
Saturday, 10 October 2020
12:00PM - 05:00PM
Ryleigh's 14th Oyster Festival

They were so thrilled with our performance they want us back next year.

Come out for some of the best oysters and rock'n music.


Our Music


Sea Cruise
Love Light
Be My Guest
Blues De Toc Toc
Oh Ma
Wild Anacostias What do you think? Do the Wild Anacostias need a bagpiper?
Greenroom La cornemuse version jazzy vous connaissez ? 🔥
Wild Anacostias A little contribution to our favorite venue would be welcome: "Dear Friend, We are living in unprecedented times. Every day we are forced to do the thing we think we cannot do. Just two months ago, it would have been unthinkable to be unable to visit The New Deal Cafe. Now we are faced with this new reality as the New Deal Cafe’s doors are shuttered for an unknown amount of time until the state of emergency is lifted. The loss of our community living room and award-winning music venue has impacted many of us. The Cafe not only nourished our bodies with healthy food, but also our minds and spirits with amazing art, music and fellowship. Fortunately, the Cafe’s creative spirit is alive and well as we adjust to the virtual world. Our online offerings include the Open Mic and the Campfire Sessions. We love our musicians and artists and want you to know that we are here for you. Please use our Facebook page to promote your offerings, fundraisers, and merchandise! If you have Zoom or other livestreaming experience and equipment (and/or know someone who can run the tech for you), contact us at to host a virtual concert through the Cafe! We know that when our artists and musicians are thriving, the community is thriving. However, since we don't know when the Cafe can open again, we also need your help. The New Deal Cafe has survived 25 years through many ups and downs but we have never faced anything like this, where we don’t know when we can open again to earn revenue. The Board has spent hundreds of hours applying for small business grants, loans and other relief funds through city, county, state and federal agencies but at this time, very little has come through and we are facing formidable challenges--but with your help, we will prevail. The community is stepping up and purchasing gift cards and making donations, and we have also received a few large gifts. We are very grateful for this display of generosity. But, due to the potentially lengthy timeline of the government's restrictions on our business, we are still in need of major support. Our community is such a mix of amazing people and we know that many of you are also impacted financially during this time. Some of our artists are self-supporting and we cannot wait to open to allow you the opportunity to perform and earn income. Some of our artists have other careers that sustain them, whether it be rocket scientist, rock star, financial planner, government worker, university professor, etc. We’ve seen it all at the Cafe! If you are an artist who has benefited from the incredible energy of the New Deal stage, or a fantastic visual art show, and have the means to give back to this beloved venue, please consider making a gift to The New Deal Cafe to help us survive the pandemic. If you are unable to make a cash donation, and/or have something of value (a set of CDs, a piece of artwork, musical equipment, a lesson, a performance, etc.) that you would like to donate for an upcoming fundraising auction, please contact us at Thank you! We cannot wait to be with you again! Until then, be safe, stay well, and keep grooving. Sincerely, The Board of The New Deal Café" 2020-04-29T13:53:47+0000

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