Some events are being canceled due to Covid-19. We will update our list of events.

Upcoming Shows

Sunday, 30 August 2020
04:00PM - 07:00PM
Takoma Park VFW Post 350
Sunday, 04 October 2020
01:00PM - 06:30PM
Takoma Park Folk Festival
Saturday, 10 October 2020
12:00PM - 05:00PM
Ryleigh's 14th Oyster Festival

Our Music


Sea Cruise
Love Light
Be My Guest
Blues De Toc Toc
Oh Ma
Wild Anacostias Volunteers would be very helpful to unload a small Uhaul truck tomorrow (Thursday 7/23). Meet at the Uhaul at 2421 Chillum Rd. at 7pm. Unit 2125 in the far left in the back.
Wild Anacostias
Atkins Family Fire Recovery Fund organized by Rebecca Gitter The Atkins family suffered a devastating loss on July 18 when their home was destroyed… Rebecca Gitter needs your support for Atkins Family Fire Recovery Fund
Wild Anacostias “The instruments were mostly in the basement. So we’re lucky.” Joe Atkins’ home on the 4900 block of 42nd Avenue caught fire on Sat. July 18th. The fire broke out around 1pm. PGFD responded to the scene at 1:22pm by which time flames were visible on all floors. Atkins and his two teenage children survived the fire. Joe needs 10 people to help load out another small moving van. Meet at Joe’s at 6p on Wed. July 22nd. We will drive down to UHaul off Chillum Road, unload and the come back to house to get rest of the stuff off the lawn. Don't need 10,000 people but it's hot and the more people means less work. 4914 42nd Ave. Hyattsville MD 20781 GoFundMe: 2020-07-19T14:52:00+0000

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